Asociación Uruguaya de la Rosa (Uruguayan Rose Association)

P.O. Box 18914 Dto. 9
C.P. 11500 Montevideo
Email: aururuguay@gmail.com
President - Mrs. Rosario Enriquez de Fazzio

The Uruguayan Rose Society was founded in Montevideo in 1983 by an enthusiastic group of Garden Club members who were particularly interested in roses and wished to intensify their knowledge and culture in our country. There are now four Affiliate Societies, one in Punta del Este, Maldonado, one in Tarariras, Colonia in the West, one in Dolores, Soriano also in the West of the country and the latest, our fourth Affiliate society in Tacuarembó in the North.

As detailed on our website, our Society has the following program of activites:

  • Monthly members' meetings with select lecturers from local, regional and foreign societies and rose growers
  • Annual Spring Rose Show
  • Pruning workshops
  • Visits to private gardens
  • Annual outings in Uruguay and neighbouring countries
  • Organized group visits to World Rose events
  • Rose market sales
  • Circulating rose library
  • Email rose enquiries

Our Annual Report and Bulletin, both in Spanish and English, is handed out to all members free of charge, and is sent to all WFRS member countries, affiliates and to Rose friends around the world. Our association in turn receives publications from other WFRS member countries and often regrets that such interesting and useful foreign information has not been translated into English, the official WFRS language.

Membership: We have three categories: Active members, Camp members and Family members
Fees: Active Members $100 US
  Camp Members $40 US
  Family Members $120 US

When the Roses Bloom

Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
The first roses to bloom are the banksiae lutea and albas September
Main flush of bloom October - November
Once-flowering Climbers November
Re-flowering continues until late Autumn December - May

Calendar of Rose Events - 2016

R-rose show
April 19 Christ Church L Uruguayan Rose Society Welcome - "English Country Houses and French Castles”
(Mercedes Bazzano)
May 17 Christ Church L Uruguayan Rose Society "The Garden Sees Life in Rose(s)”
(Julie Fraisse)
June 14 Christ Church L Uruguayan Rose Society “Choosing the Best Rose Bush”
(Rosanna Palenga)
July 29 Christ Church M Uruguayan Rose Society Annual General Meeting)
August 16 Christ Church L Uruguayan Rose Society “A Rose Trip to Bariloche”
(Stella Mondueri)
September 13 Christ Church L Uruguayan Rose Society "China and Its Roses"
(Ines Licandro)
October 18 Christ Church L Uruguayan Rose Society "Preparing the Regional"
October 19 Members' gardens Contest Uruguayan Rose Society Rose Gardens Contest
November 7-9 Hotel Jean Clevers C Uruguayan Rose Society 5th South American WFRS Regional Conference
December 6 Christ Church M Uruguayan Rose Society End of year meeting