Svenska Rosensällskapet/The Swedish Rose Society

Batterigatan 2F, 3v
S-415 01 Gothenburg
Tel: +46 739 454 252
Email: srs@svenskros.se
President - Ms. Henny Johansson
Secretary -Håkan Kjellin

The Swedish Rose Society was founded in 1987. There are approximately 1100 members, many organized in one of our 12 local groups located from Skåne in the south to Medelpad in the north. The groups have their own program activities and meetings, advertised in Rosenbladet and on the society homepage. The Swedish Rose Society is also a member of the Nordic Rose Society.

Rosenbladet is issued four times a year, in February, April, August and November. This journal is the most important membership benefit and is all in colour. Because Sweden is such a long country with very diverse climatic conditions, the journal aims at giving advice on rose growing to members from all parts of the country. For instance, it includes an annual survey sent in by members, evaluating the health and hardiness of their roses.

In addition, the society organizes conferences, lectures and tours to public and private rose gardens in Sweden and abroad.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Swedish Biodiversity Centre, is responsible for the work related to POM, Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants. This programme aims at identifying and preserving cultivated plants in general. The rose project, started during 2004, aims at identifying and preserving old cultivated roses in Sweden. The Swedish Rose Society and its members, together with rose gardens, botanic gardens, museums, etc., take a large part in this work by identifying and locating cultivated roses which can be of interest for POM.

Single - 225 SEK per year
Family - 337 SEK per year

When the Roses Bloom

Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
Helsingborg - Zone 1 (USA Zone 7) - May 25 July 1-15
Norrköping - Zone 2-3 (USA Zone 6-7) - June 10 July 1-15
Gothenburg - Zone 2-3 (USA Zone 6-7) - June 15 July 1-15
Jönköping - Zone 2-5 (USA Zone 6) - June 15 July 1-15
Stockholm Zone 3-4 (USA Zone 6) - June 20 July 10-25
Hudiksvall - Zone 4 (USA Zone 5) - June 30 July 10-25
Ockelbo - Zone 5 (USA Zone 4) - July 10 July 20 - August 10
Umeå - Zone 5 (USA Zone 4) - July 10 July 20 - August 10