Russian Association of Rosarians

Moscow Region, Khimki, Moskovskaya str., 14, office 349
125445 Russia
Tel: +7 (495)988-76-24 or +7 (495)724-13-36 or +7 (495)729-13-36
Fax: +7 (495)988-76-24 or +7 (495)5726822
President - Alexander Ukolov

Roses appeared in the middle of the 17th century in the gardens of the Tsar Mikhail Fedorovitch, and until the 19th century they were only grown in the gardens of the nobility. Roses became widespread in the 20th century. First orchards that specialized in industrial rose cultivation were established. Large collections of roses were created in the main botanic garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and in the Nikitskiy botanic garden in the USSR period. New cultivars were created and technology for the advancement of rose culture in northern regions was developed in the institutes of scientific research. Unfortunately due to limited financing for such scientific work, the development of new Russian cultivars fell behind much of the rest of the world. But it is our hope to now establish rose gardens and bring the newest roses to people in Russia. In 2010 two new cultivars of roses were created in Russia at the Botanical Garden Institute of Vladivostok - 'Ussurochka' and 'Helga'. In 2011 a new cultivar, 'Pervaya Pozyomka' was created.

The Russian Association of Rosarians was established under the auspices of the World Federation of Rose Societies, led by WFRS President Gérald Meylan. Russia joined the WFRS on May 7, 2007 and the Russian Association of Rosarians became its 37thmember. It presently has more than 300 members and approximately 10,000 people from all over Russia receive its published material. Monthly symposiums and seminars are held and we take part in various flower shows and design rose gardens in Moscow and the surrounding region. Seminar topics include the advantages and disadvantages of modern methods of rose growing, traditional varieties and novelties, proven eco-friendly methods of insect and disease control, how to withstand climate change, pruning and winter protection. Our aim is to assure amateur rosarians that the cultivation of roses is not complex if one works with love.

The Russian Association of Rosarians was established as a non-commercial organization. It has its own rose orchard and plans to hold rose competitions in the near future. The majority of its members are enthusiastic amateur rosarians, both those who are beginners and those who have been cultivating roses for a long time. They want to broaden their knowledge of roses and to know more about the rose novelties in the world.

The Russian Association of Rosarians has issued a new journal called The Name of the Rose. It deals with growing roses in the moderate climate areas of Russia and the various possible mistakes when growing these sensitive flowers. Founded upon the experiences of the Association's specialists, the journal reveals simple and proven methods of designing gardens using the newest of the world's rose varieties.

Membership in the Russian Association of Rosarians is open to everyone. There is an annual fee of 3000 rubles.

Members receive the Association bulletin, informational material, brochures, articles, invitations to exhibitions, and access to consultations for all rose questions. They also can take part in trials, seminars and training programs.

The goals of the Russian Association of Rosarians are:

  • registration of all roses cultivated in Russia
  • organization of annual rose exhibitions and competitions
  • advancement of rose culture in Russia
  • assessment of the rose stock marketed in Russia
  • gathering and disseminating information on world rose novelties
  • organizing meetings of amateur and professional rose growers
  • printing an annual Bulletin, the journal The Name of the Rose and other rose-related material
  • holding symposiums and seminars on roses
  • selecting and introducing the best foreign cultivars for Russia
  • developing contacts with foreign rose associations
  • assisting members in buying roses and establishing their own rose gardens