Pakistan National Rose Society (PNRS)

House No. 38, Street-5
Sector F-8/3
Tel: +92 051-2282060 OR 051-2850954
Fax: +92 51-436448
President - Mr. Iftikhar Awan
Secretary General -Lt. Col (Retd) S.A. Shakoor
Patron/Editor: Dr. Mahmooda Hashmi

Members of the Pakistan National Rose Society have the following privileges:

  • To receive free advice on matters relating to the Rose
  • To have their gardens inspected by experts of the Society free of charge
  • To receive free copies of publications of the Society (except those that are priced)
  • To obtain the Society's assistance in purchasing rose plants
  • The other usual privileges of membership

Annual Subscription - Rs 200.00 ($4.00 US)
Annual Subscription with Spouse - Rs. 250.00 ($5.00 US)
Life Membership - Rs. 1000.00 ($20.00 US)
Life Membership with Spouse - Rs.1500.00 ($30.00 US)
Entrance Fee - Rs. 100.00
Institutions Fee - Rs. 500.00
Membership card - Rs. 10.00

When the Roses Bloom

Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
Islamabad - Last week of March April 10 onwards
Lahore (Province of Punjab) - First week of March Middle of March