The Norwegian Rose Society (NRS)

Markveien 13
N-1391 Vollen
Tel: +47 916 56 097
President: Mrs. Toril Linnerud

The Norwegian Rose Society (NRS) was founded in 1982 in association with the Norwegian Horticultural Society. Today it is an independent Society and also part of the Nordic Rose Society. Our aim is to promote interest in and knowledge of garden roses. The NRS has a centrally elected board of five members, seven local divisions and seven other contact people from all over Norway.

NRS has approxiomately 1200 members. Our publication, Rosebladet, is issued four times a year. In addition, meetings, lectures, courses and tours are arranged every year.

There are various challenges growing roses because of the varying climate in the different parts of Norway, from harsh winters and short summers in the north to summers with a lot of rain in the west and south west. We are working to inform members and other rose lovers about good varieties to grow in the different parts of the country.

Annual membership fee: NOK 275

When the Roses Bloom

Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
Oslo area (60º North) - Beginning of June First or second week of July
Harstad (69º North) - July Beginning to middle of August