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President - Mrs. Inger Schierning
Website for the WFRS 2018 Convention - "A Fairytale of Roses":

There is extraordinary interest and enthusiasm in Denmark for the "Queen of the Flowers", the rose, and much time and energy is devoted to her. This passion for the "Queen of the Flowers" is manifested by the 2000 members of the Danish Rose Society (Det Danske Rosenselskab (DRS)). The DRS is presently organized throughout Denmark into 17 local branches that work individually and cooperatively. They arrange meetings, exhibitions, tours and garden visits as well as inviting national and international lecturers to rose events. But first and foremost these 17 "rose ambassadors" work tirelessly to spread the happy news about roses. It is our good fortune that this deep interest in roses and their care is nurtured and led by the guiding inspiration of our honourary member, Her Majesty Margaret II.

Denmark is recognized worldwide in the field of roses. With an annual production of 65 million roses and an impressive history, the award winning Danish company Poulsen Roser A/S is a unique beacon among rose breeders. Established in 1878, its founder, S. Poulsen, introduced his first Floribunda, 'Little Red Riding Hood', in 1911. It soon became the standard for Modern roses. Today the fourth generation of the family continues the remarkable rose breeding work of Poulsen Roser A/S.

One finds beautiful and picturesque rose gardens all over the country. There are distinct landscapes with roses attached to many castles and historic buildings as well as in cities, botanical gardens and local, specialized nurseries. In total Danish rose nurseries offer approximately 2000 different rose varieties: botanical, historic and modern.

At the 16th World Rose Convention, Rosafrica, in October 2012, the Danish Rose Society presented their bid to host the 18th World Rose Convention in Copenhagen in 2018 with "A Fairytale of Roses". This will be the first opportunity for the WFRS to hold a convention in the northern part of Europe. For detailed information visit the the convention website at

The delegates voted in favor of the Danish bid and we very much look forward to welcoming rose lovers from all over the rose world in 2018.

Preparations are underway throughout Denmark, and a number of well-known European rose breeders have agreed to establish a brand new rose garden in Copenhagen - the green, clean capital of what several international surveys confirm to be the "happiest people in the world".

The pre and post convention tours will give delegates the opportunity to experience the roses and culture of our fairytale country as well as those of northern Germany and the other Scandinavian countries.

The Danish Rose Society magazine, RosenNyt, is issued in March, June, September and December.

Single - 290 DKK (plus 50 DKK enrolment fee)
Double - 435 DKK (plus 50 DKK enrolment fee)

When the Roses Bloom

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May May - October (sometimes into November)

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