WFRS Literary Awards

Beginning in 2006 the World Federation of Rose Societies Literary Award is awarded to honour outstanding rose books. The following books have been so recognized:

2015: - A Life with Roses
Author: David Ruston
Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd
Year: 2011
Language: English
ISBN: 9781921719097

This is the story of David Ruston, a man whose proficiency with roses is legendary. His lectures and demonstrations on "the art of the old masters" impart memorable, detailed information about master painters and the flowers they used while creating their beautiful masterpieces.

One of the world's most respected Rosarians, his expertise is acknowledged worldwide. Ruston created the largest private collection of roses in the Southern hemisphere - a mecca for gardeners visiting Renmark, South Australia - which is now officially recognized as the National Collection of Roses. Clearly demonstrating how Ruston's life is intertwined with flowers, the book also includes photographs and descriptions of some of the flamboyant and unusual flower arrangements he has made

2015: - Annuarioi Della Rosa 2014
Author: Associazione Italiana Della Rosa
Publisher: A.I.R.
Year: 2014
Language: Italian and English

This book explores the history of Associazione Italiana Della Rosa.

2015: - Der Rosen Flüsterer
Author: Kasimir M. Magyar
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag
Year: 2013
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3777421599

This book addresses the secret, the perfume and the splendour roses.

2015: - Everyday Roses
Author: Paul Zimmerman
Publisher: The Taunton Press
Year: 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-66085-778-2

This book debunks common rose myths and outdated care instructions, and instead imparts practical rose care advice in a fun and accessible voice. Readers will find helpful suggestions for choosing roses based on landscape need, tips on what to look for when buying roses, new techniques for the best way to plant roses, and sensible time-saving methods to maintain their roses throughout the year. Aimed at gardeners who want the beauty of roses without the fuss, this book offers an approach that is accessible and environmentally friendly. It focuses exclusively on modern roses and getting the most out of them.

2015: - Old Roses - Survival and Revival in South Africa
Author: Jacqueline Kalley
Publisher: Otterly Press
Year: 2014
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9921746-7-5

This beautifully illustrated book on Old Roses is sure to inspire many a love affair with these splendid survivors from ancient times. Often sumptuous clusters of buds, open flowers and withered blooms give one the sense of the cycle of life. Renowned for their beauty, fragrance, disease free traits and an ability to survive years of neglect, Old roses are defined as those bred or introduced before 1900. This book has a specific South African bias, concentrating on Old Roses available in that country

2015: - Rosen - Die besten Sorten europäischer Züchter
Author: Angelika Throll
Publisher: Franckh Kosmos Verlag
Year: 2010
Language: German
ISBN: 9783440122884

This book looks at the best and most carefree roses produced by European rose breeders.

2015: - Roses in Bermuda Revisited
Author: Bermuda Rose Society Book Committee
Publisher: Bermuda Rose Society
Year: 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978 1-927750-25-4

This book is the updated edition of the book that the Bermuda Rose Society first published in 1984 as Old Garden Roses in Bermuda.

In Bermuda roses bloom continually, especially in the months October through May. The purpose of this book is to show you their roses. It is also a useful guide to the roses grown in Bermuda. The main thrust is Old Garden Roses, especially the Chinas, Teas, and the many "Mysteries," some of which have been accorded the ultimate accolade of simply being known as "Bermuda" roses.

2012: - El Rosedal de Palermo de Buenos Aires 1914-2009 - 95 Aniversario
Author: Sonia Berjman and Roxana Di Bello
Publisher: YPF
Year: 2010
Language: Spanish

According to Ernesto Schoo’s review of this book, El Rosedal de Buenos Aires could be considered a “rose biography”. It is the life story of a public garden that has been part of the lives of many generations of “porteños” (residents of Buenos Aires.) The park has provided leisure, rest, poetic excitement, entertainment and instruction over the years. This book covers the ninety-seven year history of the garden and includes many excellent graphs and illustrations.

2012: - Growing Roses in Calgary
Author: Joan Altenhof, Terry Altenhof, Brian Rottenfusser, Lucy Weir
Publisher: The Calgary Rose Society
Year: 2010
Language: English

This book is about growing roses in the Canadian Prairies and in the northern plains of the USA It features 113 hardy and tender roses grown in the foothills of Alberta with its challenging climate (Zone 3a, 7.7 pH, capricious weather that can drop from 30 C to -10 C in one day and late spring frosts) It is very informative for rosarians in similar climates and enlightening for those in more benign climes who will be amazed at what some rosarians do to have roses even if only for 2-3 months a year.

2012: - The Queen of Flowers, Slovak, Japanese and World Roses in Rose Gardens
Author: František Glvác
Publisher: SOSP, Racianská 190
Year: 2009
Language: English

This book covers the historical evolution of Slovak roses since the first half of the 18th century to the present day. The first section is devoted to Slovak breeders and to Slovak rose gardens. The second section covers some Japanese rose breeders and gardens and the third section looks at famous roses and rose gardens aground the world.

2012: - Roses d'Excellence Tout Naturellement
Author: Alain Tschanz, Isabelle Erne
Publisher: Rossolis
Year: 2009
Language: French
ISBN: 978-2940365296

This book describes 160 excellent varieties of heritage roses that can all be grown naturally and with no preventative sprays. They are the personal choices of the rose breeder, Alain Tschanz, and he describes their characteristics, why he chose them, their fragrance and how to make the best use of them in the garden.

2012: - The Sustainable Rose Garden: A Reader in Rose Culture
Author: Pat Shanley, Peter Kukielski, Gene Waring
Publisher: Newbury Books
Year: 2010
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1935149163

This book brings together experts from around the world to inform gardeners about developments in the new trend toward creating environmentally friendly yet enduring rose gardens, with "sustainability" as the key. This means gardening that is consciously aware of the dangerous health and environmental risks posed by using traditional synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Both old and new roses are given a comprehensive treatment with regard to sustainability/disease resistance, with numerous recommendations on good varieties for the green gardener.

2012: - Uitbundig bloeiende Rozen De mooiste Moschata van Lens Roses
Author: Ann Velle, Phillippe Debeerst
Publisher: Lannoo Tielt
Year: 2011
Language: Dutch
ISBN: 978-9020996234

This work is the standard work on the history of hybrid moschata roses. Over 80 moschata hybrids, including the many created by Louis Lens, are described in detail. The second section of the book describes their characteristics and their use in gardens.

2012: - The Ultimate Rose Book - Macoboy`s Roses
Author: Stirling Macoboy Editor: Dr. Tommy Cairns
Publisher: Harry N. Abrahms of New York, Mallon Publishing of Australia
Year: 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0810994102

This book is an updated version of the original. It is an encyclopedia of over 1500 roses, of which some 300 are new. The original entries have been extensively revised to include a significant amount of additional information, while retaining the charm and individuality of Stirling Macoboy's style. As in the original, the entries don't just provide practical advice; they are a treasure trove of interesting historical facts and anecdotal stories.

2012: - Veld, Vlei and Rose Gardens: Inspiration from South African Gardeners
Author: Sheenagh Harris, Jacqueline Kalley
Publisher: Otterly Press
Year: 2011
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9814315-7-4

This book showcases a selection of rose gardens from across South Africa, described through the eyes of their owners. The stories provide an intimate account of their gardening endeavours in sometimes challenging conditions, including raids by duikers and kudu, to produce the spectacular gardens featured in this beautifully illustrated book.

2009: - All About Roses
Author: Dr. Tommy Cairns
Publisher: Meredith Books (Ortho Books), United States of America
Year: 2007
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-696-23217-6

This book presents expert growing techniques together with a comprehensive guide to more than 350 of the best roses for the garden. It is the best-selling rose book in North America and is specially directed to encourage and promote rose growing amongst the general public. This latest edition has been updated and expanded to include the latest and most exciting developments in rose breeding.

2009: - Indigenous & Wild Roses of Pakistan
Author: Dr. Mahmooda Hashmi (Mrs.)
Publisher: Dr. Mahmooda Hashmi, Pakistan
Year: 2006
Language: English

This book covers in detail the various dimensions pertaining to Pakistan's treasure of wild and indigenous roses as well as its age-old rose culture. The first section of the book deals with the "indigenous" roses of Pakistan (such as Rosa damascena) that have been grown on a mass scale for centuries. The second section covers the wild roses of Pakistan and where today more than 33 named species have been identified.

2009: - Lyon-Rose
Author: Pierrick Eberhard
Publisher: Editions Lyonnaises D'art et D'histoire, France
Year: 2007
Language: French
ISBN: 978-978-2841-47-6

This book explores all aspects of the three century love affair (1796-2006) between the city of Lyon and the Rose. It looks at its many famous hybridizers, its three most famous roses 'La France', 'Soleil D'Or and 'Peace', the creation of the French Rose Society in 1896, the current renaissance in Old Garden Roses, roses in painting and much more. It also contains 400 photos and original documents.

2009: - The Quest for the Black Rose
Author: Ingrid Verdegem, Anne Ronse, Anne-Sophia Rondeau
Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium, in association with Ulmer Verlag, Germany
Year: 2006
Language: Dutch, German, English
ISBN: 978-90-5856-159-6

This book attempts to write the history of the black rose from three seperate angles. The first is the history of dark roses from their very first traces in herbals and Middle Ages images right up to the dark Hybrid Teas of the 1950s. The second is an explanation of the genetics of color pigments of roses and why 'black' flowers are so difficult to create. The third section highlights present day dark roses and the hybridizers behind them. Garden roses and cut roses are both discussed.

2009: - Rose Art
Author: Anne-Sophia Rondeau
Publisher: Rustica, France
Year: 2008
Language: French
ISBN: 978-2-84038-796-1

This book consists of forty imaginative floral compositions, created by six leading French florists (J.F. Bouchet-Odent, T. Boutin, R. Eberwein, A. Lechantre, H. Pothier and G. Moulis) using roses in unusual places, in bouquets and in other unusual ways. The inspiration for this book was Nature itself.

2009: - Rosenwelten
Author: Bernd Weigel, Klaus-Jürgen Strobel, Thomas Marschall, Sabine Kübler, Helle Brumme, Eilike Vemmer, Peter Pfliegensdoörfer, Volker Wissemann
Publisher: German Rose Society
Year: 2008
Language: German

This book was published on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the German Rose Society. It outlines the history of roses and rose breeding in Germany, the history of the German Rose Society and the most important rose personalities along the way.

2009: - TEA ROSES - Old Roses for Warm Gardens
Author: Lynne Chapman, Noelene Drage, Di Durston, Jenny Jones, Hillary Merrifield, Billy West
Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd., Australia
Year: 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-877058-67-7

Teas - once almost forgotten - are now being acclaimed as superb roses for warm gardens. Bred for a century or so from 1820, they were descended mainly from Chinese garden hybrids introduced into Europe in the early nineteenth century. Teas brought characteristics that had not been seen before in European roses. These included an intriguing multi-layered fragrance; a new range of colours; a higher-centred flower shape; gently nodding heads; and a bushy, twiggy growth habit. Even more importantly, the Teas whose ancestors came from temperate to subtropical areas of China bloomed almost continuously in favourable conditions and did not need a dormant period. The authors aim to bring together the observations and knowledge they have accumulated about the Teas and to tell something of their past history. The authors grow most of the Teas known in Australia, and these are a large proportion of those commercially available elsewhere. Consequently, the information given about them will be relevant wherever these roses are grown.

2006: - Climbing Roses of the World
Author: Charles Quest-Ritson
Publisher: Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, United States of America –Cambridge, United Kingdom
Year: 2003
Language: English
ISBN: 0-88192-563-2

Illustrated with 200 photographs, this book describes the nearly 1600 old and new climbing roses still in cultivation, of which some 400 are available commercially around the world. A personal judgment is almost always expressed, as this is not an impersonal catalogue, but the work of a connoisseur who has minutely observed, compared and evaluated.

2006: - De elegantie en de roos
Author: Ivo Pauwels
Publisher: Lannoo Terra, Belgium
Year: 2000
Language: Dutch and French
ISBN: 90-209-3919-X

This book tells the story of the Lens family and, more specifically, that of the life and work of the Belgian hybridizer, Louis Lens (1924-2001.) While he bred many famous roses, including the Hall of Fame winner ‘Pascali’, Louis Lens devoted much of the last 25 years of his life to the breeding of musk hybrids.

2006: - Designing with Roses
Author: Tony Lord
Publisher: Francis Lincoln Ltd. (United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
Year: 1999
Language: English, German, Swedish
ISBN: Hardcover – 0711212910
Softcover – 0711217149

This book explores all the possibilities of using roses in the garden. After chapters on the heritage of the rose and rose gardens, sections detail the use of roses on structures, as punctuation points in the garden, in mixed borders and in wild gardens.

2006: - The Joy of Roses
Author: James Young with David Ruston
Publisher: 4CPublishers Pty Limited, Australia
Year: 2004
Language: English
ISBN: 09752-3400-5

This book offers a commonsense guide to successfully growing roses by James Young, in consultation with David Ruston, one of the world’s leading rosarians. Each of the 800 photos in the book is well described and has been photographed by James using the latest digital technology.

2006: - La Rose de France
Author: François Joyaux
Publisher: Imprimerie Nationale, France
Year: 1998
Language: French
ISBN: 2743302518

This book throws new light on the history of Rosa gallica as La Rose de France. Based on meticulous research into contemporary catalogues and archives, and careful comparisons of Gallica collections in France and elsewhere, it gives detailed descriptions and history of the 200 or so varieties that still survive today. This is the definitive working reference book on Rosa gallica.

2006: - Spirit of the Rose
Author: David Lloyd and Annie Beagent
Publisher: Spirit of the Rose Ltd., United Kingdom
Year: 2004
Language: English
ISBN: 09543939-0-2

This book describes the many different relationships that people have with the rose. Fascinating contributions from a diverse group of writers provide a wonderful tapestry to illustrate the meaning of the “Spirit of the Rose”, fully illustrated with fine rose photography by David Lloyd. Contributing authors range from Shakespeare to Robert Burns to Thomas Moore to modern day gardeners, hobbyists and professionals. All amplify the many interpretations of the message, “Spirit of the Rose”.